Motors and accompanying elements for garage doors

ERREKA range of garage door motors are a practical and safe solution for automating and protecting your cars from external influences and potential burglaries. Our highest quality garage doors are designed for external garages as well as garage spaces within the scope of a shared parking space. Take a look at the garage doors we offer:

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Erreka garage door motors – for complete safety and insulation

The garage door is an integral element of the building, for which it is important to function flawlessly. Whether your garage space is intended for parking cars, or perhaps storing other things, it is inevitable that it must be protected from unwanted influences.

Garage doors protect your property from various weather conditions, thanks to the excellent insulation they provide. Erreka garage doors are made of the highest quality materials, so if you equip your facility with them, you won’t have to worry about rain or snow reaching your things. Our products provide the best protection for your facilities!

Weather disasters are not the only thing that you need to protect your property from. Erreka garage doors also offer a significant amount of security for your home or business premises, as they prevent unwanted visitors from entering.

Garage doors in accordance with your exterior

Our products also meet all the aesthetic standards of your buildings, so in the Erreka range you can find garage doors that fit best with your facade, as well as the entire exterior.

If you decide to equip your facility with our garage doors, you will also have the complete technical support of our team, advice and the necessary service at your disposal at any time. The affordable price of garage doors from our offer will provide you with a quality product, and with regular maintenance, your garage will be safe for many years.

Garage door price – access door of the highest quality

When it comes to our garage doors, the sale is done in a very simple way! All you have to do is send us an inquiry, and we will get back to you with all the information about the order process. If you order our garage doors, the price will especially surprise you, because it is extremely optimal in relation to the quality offered by Erreka products!