Service of garage doors, motors for gates and automatic systems

The Erreka team of professionals is also here if you need service for garage doors, gates and other automatic systems. We are here to help you if you have any problem with the functioning of the system, as well as for regular service that is recommended for gates and automation equipment.

Efficient motor service for gates, doors and other automatic systems

The Erreka team performs every servicing in a very efficient manner. If you have a problem with electronics – we will repair or replace it, if the product is damaged – we will make sure to restore it to its original shine and function. All you have to do is contact us for the service of motors for gates, doors, parking ramps, as well as other automatic systems that your facility is equipped with, and tell us your problem.

Garage door service

Have you noticed that your garage door is closing more slowly? Do you think they are about to fail? The Erreka team will take care of the garage door service, which is responsible for protecting your property.

Gate motor service

Automatic gates provide a dose of security and comfort, so it is important that they always function flawlessly. We are here for regular service of motors for gates (sliding, wing…), as well as for all breakdowns!

Remote control service

Before you jump to the conclusion that the automatic systems are malfunctioning, check the condition of the controls that control the gates or doors. The duty of the Erreka team is also the service of remote controls!

Parking system service

You can contact Erreka’s team of professionals for the service of parking ramps, barriers and automatic chains, whether you need the elimination of sudden breakdowns or regular maintenance.

Regular service with the Erreka team of professionals

Don’t wait for a breakdown to happen! If you perform regular service of garage doors, sliding or swing gates, doors and other automatic systems – probably the problem will not even occur! Contact us by phone or by sending an inquiry.