Automatic systems for gates and doors

ERREKA automatic gate and door systems are products of the highest quality, suitable for various sliding doors and hinged systems. Get to know our company, see the range of products and choose the quality.


Automatska klizna vrata

Automatic sliding doors

Automatska krilna vrata

Automatic swing doors

Automatska rotirajuca vrata BIRA

Revolving doors

The most demanded types of products

ikona krilne kapije

Motors for swing gates

Garazna vrata

Motors and garage doors with accompanying equipment

Segmentna garazna vrata

Motors for segmental garage and industrial doors

Parking Rampe

Parking barriers

The most demanded products

Promotional offers

Why choose our automatic systems?

The Erreka team made up of highly qualified and efficient experts, who create and manufacture the best quality products for your facilities.

Our automatic systems for gates and doors represent the most advanced security systems, made with the help of special technologies of our company. In addition to being functional, our products also meet all aesthetic standards with their elegance. We offer a wide range of products designed for different types of gates, garage and entrance doors.

Our team of professionals is in charge of the complete product – we take care of design, production, delivery, and we are also there for technical support and service as needed.

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