Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors

Tailored for you

ERREKA Automatic sliding doors can be adapted to any installation, which allows us to implement an easy, smooth installation in your premises, regardless of your requirements.

What’s more, in order to meet the high expectations of our clients, ERREKA strives to deliver custom-made doors, tailored just for you.


ERREKA Automatic sliding doors are designed so that they can work for a long period of time in conditions of frequent pedestrian traffic.

Automatic sliding doors are capable of providing smooth and efficient use in large buildings, facilities, markets, hotels and airports. However, there are also drives for smaller facilities such as offices, restaurants, post offices, etc.

Unlike some other automatic doors that produce irritating sliding sounds over time, ERREKA Automatic sliding doors operate and produce silent opening and closing movements, which allows the door to blend in with the object and remain discreet.

Automatska klizna vrata

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All our automatic sliding door fittings are manufactured to meet the strict safety requirements of BS7036 and EN16005.

Our engineers are fully accredited with the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA). As a result, our doors are fully compliant with all European standards.

ERREKA Automatic sliding door SYSTEMS

Automatska klizna vrata ERTAIN 4


The main feature of ERTAIN 4 is adaptability to different door installations. It is designed for frequent traffic, both for large and small facilities. The main feature of this model is quiet opening and closing movements, stability, easy and quick construction.

Automatska klizna vrata GLOBAL 4


The GLOBAL 4 system is the best choice for the most demanding projects, made especially for heavy doors. GLOBAL 4 is designed to fit into any installation. The flexible and standard system enables easy installation, without mechanical changes, for single or double doors with the option of choosing the direction of opening.

Automatska klizna vrata TELESCOPIC 4


TELESCOPIC 4 is especially suitable for small spaces where frequent opening is required. Keeping the modular concept, the main feature of the ERREKA system is provided by its design and simple installation, which turns this model into a product that is completely different from other products available on the market.


ERREKA Automatic Doors and windows offers a complete installation service, including technical sales advice and design support, through to on-site installation.

ERREKA will carry out a complete survey of the site to ensure that the installation will proceed smoothly and that any unforeseen problems will be resolved at an early stage of the works. After the research is done, the project will be handed over to our CAD team for drafting.

We aim to install your automatic door system within a few days (depending on the scope of work) in order to take minimal time from your business and maximize the number of customers and smooth movement.

We are also able to carry out our work after your working hours to suit the requirements of your shop or business. ERREKA installers are fully trained to BS 7036 / EN16005 standards and CITB compliant. In addition, our installers are ADSA qualified and CSCS qualified.

ERREKA has a serious approach to occupational safety and ensures the safety of its employees. ERREKA has been accredited by Safecontractor, Constructionline, Ekor & CHAS for its commitment to achieving health and safety results. Safecontractor, Constructionline, Ekor & CHAS are leading third party accreditation schemes that recognize the very high standards of health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

All of our automatic door products are available via online sales and the iOS app. Our shop is designed and allows you to view products, from automatic swing doors and automatic sliding doors to sensors and security, access control and related products, including ERREKA and PREMIS spare parts. All just a few clicks away from you. ERREKA automatic doors and windows offer a wide range of services to help you in your business, including technical support, technical brochures and manuals.

ERREKA provides a 12-month warranty on all new installations and system upgrades. The warranty period starts from the day of installation.

The contractor or the aluminum company does not retain the warranty unless otherwise agreed.

What does the warranty cover?

  • New Installations: All parts and on-site labor due to product failure or installation damage not due to improper or misuse or vandalism.
  • Spare parts: Replacement of parts found to be defective. These parts will be replaced free of charge and warranted for an additional 3 months or until the end of the original warranty period, whichever is longer. The warranty will be void if the goods or parts are supplied by any person/firm other than the company or a duly authorized operator or if the customer misuses or neglects the goods or uses them otherwise than in normal commercial or industrial use.

What is not covered by the warranty?

  • Vandalism
  • User abuse – abuse or neglect
  • Batteries in case of accidental damage / replacement
  • Adjustments and servicing

During product installation, ERREKA will set the automatic door openers to operate in accordance with BS7036 EN16005 recommendations for activation and security zones. After that, a confirmation of the completion of the installation of the ERREKA door is issued, whereby any future intervention (activation of sensors, safety sensors or speed adjustment) that is not part of a system failure will be charged additionally.

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