Erreka products

ERREKA products are the result of combining top technology and modern and practical design. See which elements of automatic systems for gates and doors belong to our range. Choose products that are synonymous with long-lasting quality and functionality.

ikona krilne kapije

Motors for swing gates

Klizne kapije

Motors for sliding gates and related equipment

Garazna Vrata

Motors for garage doors and related equipment

Segmentna garazna vrata

Motors for segmental garage and industrial doors

Harmonika garazna vrata

Motors for accordion garage doors

Garazna rolo vrata

Motors for garage roller doors

Parking barijere

Parking barriers

Kontrolne table

Control panels

Daljinski upravljaci

Radio receivers and transmitters

Pristupni paneli

Access panels

Bezbednosni signalni uredjaji

Safety and signaling devices

E-link sistem

E-LINK remote control system