ERREKA – the Market leader for automatic sliding doors

Tailored to your measure

Automatic sliding doors manufactured by ERREKA will make your facility shine. The door can be adapted to any installation, which allows us to implement an easy, smooth installation in your premises, regardless of your requirements.

CAD – Planning your project

To help architects choose the right door, we strive to provide accurate information about all our products in CAD format, so that you can apply them in further planning. Along with designing building entrances to meet customer needs, architects play an important role in specifying and selecting practical, well-designed security solutions. Our goal is to help our partners find entry solutions that effectively blend the client’s needs with their own design preferences.



ERREKA automatic sliding doors of the new generation are made for heavy pedestrian traffic, both in large (supermarkets, hotels, airports, hospitals) and in small and medium-sized buildings/facilities (offices, pharmacies, post offices, banks, restaurants). The most important features of our Sliding door systems are their quiet movement when opening and closing, plus stability with quick installation.

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