Roller garage doors and segmental garage doors – advantages and differences. Which one to choose?

Safety is our priority

The security of the facility is the main priority to which we pay special attention. When choosing a garage door, a professional should pay attention to the advantages of the door before installation.

When choosing a garage door that provides a high level of security, Roller garage doors and Segmental garage doors are often taken into consideration.

In the following text, you can learn more about roller and sectional garage doors, which can help you in your selection.

Advantages of Rollo garage doors

The advantages of roller garage doors depend a lot on the selected model, however, they offer a high level of security and are designed for frequent use. Roller shutters are suitable for buildings and areas with a lot of traffic, but they also provide a high level of security even when not in use.

Roller garage doors are the perfect solution for automating garage or warehouse doors, while not taking up too much space. This makes them ideal even for smaller spaces.

Also, the aesthetics of the door itself will make the space look modern.

The entire roller door system is placed above the door itself, which enables smarter use of space, both inside the garage itself and outside it.

Key benefits:

  • They are made according to the highest standards, which makes them quite resistant to wear and tear
  • Security and resistance to potential burglaries
  • Suitable for frequent traffic
  • Reduced noise during operation

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Advantages of Segmental garage doors

Segmental garage doors are quite similar to roller doors. They open above head level and are designed to be suitable for smaller spaces.

Segmental garage doors provide a high degree of security and weather resistance. Segmental doors adhere after installation so that they are suitable for spaces that require internal temperature control, making them suitable for such windows.

The doors are suitable for house garages, distribution warehouses, areas with emergency vehicles and more.

Key benefits:

  • Suitable for facilities with limited space
  • Possibility of additional openings for additional light
  • They have excellent thermal properties
  • High level of security

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