Remote for gates, garages and ramps

Erreka remote controls for gates, garages, ramps and other automatic systems combine quality materials and modern technology, so that the wireless control of your systems works flawlessly. Our offer includes radio transmitters and receivers, with which controlling automatic systems is simple and efficient . Take a look at the remote controls we offer:

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Remote controls, receivers and other elements of wireless control

See which wireless control elements are in the Erreka product range and choose the product that is necessary for your automatic system.

Remote controls

Remote controls are used to wirelessly control gate motors, garage doors, parking ramps and other automatic systems. These are radio-controlled devices with which you can easily open and close garage doors and gates, from the comfort of your car or home.

In our offer, you will find the gate remote control, garage remote control or parking ramp remote control that you need, and which, by combining the latest technologies and quality manufacturing materials, guarantees trouble-free operation.

Plug-in receivers

The plug-in receivers are designed to receive radio signals used in facilities with motorized gates. Our range of receivers includes receivers with different memory, with different number of channels, suitable for receiving specific codes. Choose the receiver that suits your broadcasters.

External receivers

If you need an additional receiver for motor systems, take a look at our offer and choose an external receiver that suits your needs. We offer two-channel receivers and a four-channel receiver.

Programming device

A portable device for programming and adjusting automated systems will make it easier for you to manage motorized gates, garages and parking barriers. Choose the devices that suit your needs.

Radio signal tester

The radio signal tester gives you the ability to find and eliminate potential interference and signals that interfere with communication with your automatic systems.

Remote controls for gates, garages and ramps – highest quality approximate controls

Do you need a remote control for a garage, motorized gate or parking ramp? You can order the management system as you wish, in a very simple way! All you have to do is send us an inquiry, and we will get back to you with all the information about the order process.

If you order our remote control for the garage or other automatic systems, the price will especially surprise you, because it is extremely optimal in relation to the quality offered by Erreka products!