The FT07 photocells are designed to detect obstacles in automatic door and gate installations, preventing door/gate collisions



FT07 (LFT25B):

  • FT07 photocells are designed to detect obstacles in the automatic installation of doors and gates, preventing door / gate collision.
  • It consists of an infrared transmitter module (TKS) and a receiver module (RKS).
  • If a person or object interrupts the infrared beam emitted by the transmitter (TKS), the receiver enables the signaling relay and informs the control panel of the installation about the blockage.
  • They also have connectors for connecting mechanical or 8×2 resistive safety tapes, so that the safety tape can be connected to the transmitter, which sends the tape signal to the receiver, thus avoiding having to connect wires to the control board.
  • The transmitter can run on batteries, with some wire, especially if mounted on the side of a movable gate, keeping the transmitter safe.

LFTBAT:  2 AA lithium-thionyl-chloride (Li-SOCL2) batteries, 3.6V 2.7Ah